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Send us an email at or call us at +917569041098 for immediate support.

Send us an email at or call us at +917569041098 for immediate support.

Instructions to Apply for New Indian Passport or  Re-Issue of Expired/Lost Passport:

Applicant’s Name: Please write down your name here.

कृपया यहाँ पर अपना नाम डालें.

Email Address: Your primary email address for communication will come here.
यहाँ पर आपका प्रमुख ईमेल एड्रेस आएगा जिसपे हम आपको संपर्क कर सकते हैं.

Phone Number: Please enter your phone number here. Our representatives may call you for verification.
आपका मोबाइल नंबर यहाँ पर डाल दें. हम आपको उसी नंबर पर कॉल करेंगे ताकि हम आपकी जांच पूरी कर लें

Date of Birth: Enter the Date of Birth of the Applicant here.
यहाँ पर आवेदक की जनम तिथि डाल दें.

Father’s Name: Enter the full name of your father here.

Mother’s name: Enter the full name of you mother here.

Spouse’s name: Enter the name of your husband/wife in case you are married.

Gender: Please choose Applicant’s Gender here – Male, Female or Transgender.
यहाँ पर आवेदक का सही लिंग चुने – पुल्लिंग, स्त्रीलिंग, या ट्रांसजेंडर.

Your Current Address: Enter the address for communication.
यहाँ पर अपने घर का पता डाल दें.

Permanent Address: Enter your permanent address here. Leave blank if current address is your permanent address as well.

Educational Qualification: Choose the correct level of educational degree the applicant holds at present.

Your Employment Type: Specify the nature of work you are involved in from the options given here.

Applying for: Choose if you want to apply for a new passport or if you are looking to get a new booklet re-issued.

क्या आप नया पासपोर्ट लेना चाहते है या फिर पासपोर्ट को दोबारा इशू कराना चाहते है – यहाँ पर चुने.

Only In case of Passport Re-Issue, 

Reason for Re-Issue: Specify the reason why you want to re-issue a new booklet.
Old Passport Number: Specify the number on your old passport.
Date of Issue of Old Passport: Enter the date when your first passport application was filled.
Date of Expiry of Old Passport: Specify the date when your old passport booklet was scheduled to expire.
Place of Issue of old passport: Enter the place of issue as mentioned in your old passport.

Type of Application: Do you want immediate passport application service (tatkaal) or would you be comfortable to wait for the normal procedure. Tatkaal service is a more expensive option.
क्या आप तत्काल में पासपोर्ट बनाना चाहते हैं या फिर आप आराम से नार्मल तरीके से ही अप्लाई करना चाहते है. तत्काल में आपको सबसे तेज़ी से सुविधा मिलेगी लेकिन ये थोड़ा महंगा होगा।

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